About TNV 101


Welcome all to The New Vibes 101. This place is dedicated to the daily man with amazing product reviews, the latest fashion trends, stories and advice and a look into the lifestyle of the rich and famous all in the palm of your hand.

As a man I understand how important is to get the latest updates and news of what is happening around the world. With more and more men taking care of themselves and wanting to shine among the rest, TNV 101 is here to help along the way.

With success tips and advice, a look into upcoming entrepreneurs and their stories, we give young and upcoming business minded men an outlook of the journey involved and what it takes to make it to the top.

We also have the latest gadgets with personal reviews for easy peace of mind buying!

Along with all that, what better way to test and try on the latest fashion products for men. Here we have an insight of whats hot and whats not. We all have to look good for that special someone don’t we lads?

So enjoy The New Vibes 101 and be sure follow us for all our the latest updates on whats happening.

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