Top 10 Fashion Tips For Men

It’s actually surprising to see more and more men are looking after themselves these days. From getting a nice fresh cut to getting their eye brows lined up the modern men are taking more note on their appearance and it has taken the world by storm. Nowadays there are as many male models all over social media than there are female models and it seems men from all over the globe are catching up to this trend. So what exactly are these guys doing to look a million dollars? Follow these simple tips and in no time you will soon be looking like them.

#1. Get Fitted Clothes – Majority of clothes are made to a certain size and doesn’t cater for your body. If you want to look your best, get your clothes tailor and have them adjusted to your body type.

#2. Keep Facial Hair Tidy – There is nothing worst than patchy hairs growing on a man’s face. It usually says that they are going through puberty and still in the growing phase. If you cannot grow facial hair, do not attempt to as it will make it worst. Try and keep it clean shaved or a very light stubble at most. For guys with beards, try and keep the beard looking alive and let your barber line it up for you.

#3. Know Your Colors – Some men try to put on colors that just doesn’t suit them. Some say the color of your shirt matches your personality and it could be true. Just because you saw some guy wearing a pink shirt and it look good on him, doesn’t mean it will on you. Be careful in this department.

#4. Style Your Hair – Women nowadays are attracted to guys who can take care of them selves. It is best to keep your hair looking nice and clean but do not over do and spend more time on it than girls would on their hair. You are still a man. If you are going bald, try and keep it clean shaved as that also attracts women.

#5. Wear Cologne – In a survey done, women tend to find men who wear cologne more attractive. Wearing cologne makes you smell fresh, clean and shows that you know how to take care of yourself. A gentleman will never leave the house without putting on cologne as he never knows who he will run into.

#6. Clean Your Clothes Regularly – No one likes to be standing next to a smelly person or looking at someone who has stains all over their top. It is horrible. You might shower twice or even three times a day but if your clothes smell and are dirty, you will stand out for the wrong reasons.

#7. Don’t Wear T – Shirts With Heap Of Graphics – We are living in the new age so you do not have to wear T-shirts with graffiti or eye annoying designs to stand out. You will most likely just get looked at by others with the thought of “try hard” in their mind. The more simple it is, the better it looks but also try and keep it some what stylish along the way.

#8. Wear Jewelery – Doesn’t matter if its just a a ring or a necklace, it adds a little more to your wardrobe. A nice expensive watch usually does the trick.

#9. Exercise – Exercising can help you lose fat and gain that sporty look. In essence clothes always look better on fit people or people who generally are not overweight. So if you want to stand out in the looks department, lose those kilos and you will look and feel better in your new clothes.

#10. Buy Nice Shoes – There is no point wearing a nice top and pants only to have you shoes looking like they have been through a war. Invest in some quality shoes that will last and make sure to clean them time to time. Shoes also say a lot about a man.

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