Reasons Why Bald Men Are More Attractive

For all the guys out there losing their hair, do not think of it as a loss but more so a win because nowadays studies have actually shown that women are slightly more attracted to men who have a shiny head. And here are the top reasons why: 

#1 BETTER IN BED – Yes thats right. Hair loss sometimes can be due to the fact that men have a higher amount of testosterone in their body which leads to hair loss. With the high levels of testosterone circulating, it just means bald men will utilize their gift in the bedroom.

#2. THEY ONLY HAVE ONE LOOK – Unlike men with hair, the bald man is known for their consistency when it comes to the looks department. Women do not have to worry about their partners hair looking better than theirs. They know the bald man will look the same from when he goes to bed to when he wakes up.

#3. APPEAR TO BE MORE MASCULINE – The bald man doesn’t look like a 12 year old boy. They look strong, bold and willing to take on any big adventures that come their way. They look ambitious, stable and some what dangerous. What woman doesn’t like a bad boy?

#4. MORE CONFIDENCE – Bald men tend to have more confidence and lets be honest, if a man can still has a smile on his face after losing all his hair, that just means he can make it up to his lady in other departments. Women love a guy who has confidence despite what he looks like.

#5. THEY DON’T HOG THE BATHROOM – The fact that men with hair may take the same amount of time as a lady if not sometimes more in the bathroom fixing their hair is a turn off for some women. Bald men will have to shave their head once a week just to keep it looking clean and that’s about it. They don’t stand in the bathroom deciding whether they should gel it back or keep it flat.

#6. GOOD LOOKING CELEBRITIES ARE BALD – For some male celebrities, being bald is a style and not a hair loss. Some men rather bald to attract more women and as you can tell from celebrities like Bruce Willis, The Rock, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham, being bald just means you get to drive fast cars and save the world.


#7. THEY HAVE ONE TREND – As different trends come and go, from the age of the Mohawk to the current indie/f**kboy look. You can be sure the bald man will not be following trends. The have one agenda and one agenda only. The baldness can adapt to any mens fashion changes and will look stylish none the less.

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