7 Clear Signs That You Have Been Friend-Zoned

Well besides hell, this has got to be one of the worst places a guy could get himself into. It’s not as bad if you legitimately see your female companion as a friend and nothing more but for guys who see that special female friend and wonder if there could be something more than just friendship between the two of you? You might just be trying to live a fairy tale without a happy ending. Here are the clear signs that she only sees you as a friend and nothing more.

#1. TALKS ABOUT OTHER MEN – One of the clear signs that she’s not into you is when she starts talking about men she is seeing and asks you for advice when something goes wrong. This is a clear sign that she is comfortable with you and will open up to you about her sexual affairs with other men thinking you won’t get jealous because she only sees you as a “friend”.

#2. SHOPPING TIME – Most women like to take their friend -zoned guys shopping with them to get fashion advice because her girlfriends are too busy to go. The funny thing is the guy who is in love with that female friend will most likely say yes to the invite thinking that the more time they spend with her,  the more she will fall for them.

#3. SHE REFERS TO YOU AS A BROTHER – This is a also clear sign that she is not into you. Most girls would usually refer to the guy as a friend to others regardless of how close the two of them are. But when she starts referring to you as a brother, that’s a sign that she has no interest in having any sexual affiliations with you at ALL!

#4. GETS UNCOMFORTABLE WHEN YOU FLIRT WITH HER – Women generally like to have fun and flirt from time to time, hence why when they flirt most guys might get the wrong signal and think she is into them. However when you flirt with her, she gets very weird and steps back, even worst she gets offended and gets mad. This is a clear sign that she is not into you.

#5. YOU ARE THE THIRD WHEEL – Lets just say you have invited her out and the original plan was for the two of you to go out for lunch and she happens to bring a friend along. If she brings a female friend, it’s not as bad as she might want to get approval from her before she jumps into anything, but if she is constantly bringing that friend along, she doesn’t want to spend alone time with you as she sees that as a relationship move and she doesn’t see you in that way. It is even worst if she brings another guy to your planned outings. Then she is DEFINITELY not into you.


#6. SHE NEVER SEES YOU OVER THE WEEKEND – Unless she has given you a proper reason why she doesn’t have time over the weekend due to work, she is probably seeing another guy during this time. You may msg her or ring her over the weekend and she doesn’t get back to you until a couple days after and with different excuses eg, “I didn’t hear my phone go off”  or ” I was sleeping most of the weekend”, then she was definitely out with another guy and she just doesn’t want to admit it, as this might push you away and the fact that she like to string you along for the attention could be the case.

#7. YOU ARE ALWAYS DOING FAVORS FOR HER – Some girls generally will know if a guy is into them and some of them will take advantage of that. If she is always asking you to do favors for her without anything in return then she is probably just stringing you along to get her way because she knows that you won’t say no to her. But when you ask her for something simple like, taking you up to the road to get you car that you left overnight at a friends house, she is somehow always busy to help you out. This is a clear sign she is using you for your generosity only.

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