First Date Ideas To Wow Her

Alright fellas, you meet a nice beautiful girl on-line, over the weekend at a bar or down at your local church. The two of you have been chatting and getting to know each other and thus you have decided to take her on a date and she agrees. The question you will ask yourself is, where should I take her to show her I’m different to the other guys? Well below are some first date ideas that will wow her and surely say YES to the second date.

#1 Restaurant with a view. Pick a restaurant/pub with a nice view and a lively atmosphere. This will ease the tension between the two of you and will relief some stress. You don’t have to fork our hundreds of dollars on the first date and take her to the most expensive restaurant in in the city. Leave that to the proposal

#2 Coffee. If it’s a girl you have met through a dating app and have yet to meet her in person, meeting up for coffee is usually the go to thing. The coffee date isn’t over the top and the two of you can get to know each other a little more in a relaxed atmosphere and from there you can decide if you want a second date or not.

3# Comedy Club. Comedy clubs are a hidden gem and can go a long way when breaking the ice and tension during the first dates. This gives her an insight on who you are and shows her you’re a funny guy and love comedy. At the end of the day, what woman doesn’t want to laugh? This can be accompanied by dinner before or after

4# Bowling. If she is into some physical activities, bowling is a fun thing to do on the first date. It is competitive, not much physical activity is involved and the two of you can have a laugh and enjoy a fun outing.

5# Zoo. The Zoo is a great place to take a girl on the first date because the two of you can enjoy nice quality time together whilst getting cute with all the animals. Since most zoos are fairly big, the two of you will probably need to allocate a whole day without having to rush around and see all the animals. This way you can also get to know her a bit more.

6# Beach. if you live close to the shore, take advantage of it. Go out for a nice lunch and after introduce her to the beautiful sounds of the waves crashing in your backyard. Again it is relaxing and maybe a kiss and cuddle on the beach might not be too bad.

7# Movies. If you are not so outgoing and a little shy, the cinemas is a good place to go for a first date. Be sure to back it up with a milkshake or coffee after so the two of you can sit down and discuss the movie and get closer.

8# Cook and Eat. Asking her to come over yours and cook with you is also a nice idea. This idea should be done if you have met the girl before and this is the first time meeting up again since you got her number. Proposing this idea before you have met her could be risky but if you can pull it off, then why not?


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