Top 5 Things Men Look For In A Woman

So often you would read articles on what women usually look for in a man and the answers sometimes can be surprising, but has someone actually gone out there and asked men what tickles

their fancy when they usually meet a female for the first time? You might also be surprised by their answers.

Personality – According to a group of men being surveyed, personality actually ranks in at top spot. It might sound a little corny but most men these days actually prefer a woman who can keep a conversation going. Its just not the conversation either, they also prefer a woman with humor, manners and knows how to adapt with their friends and family.

Sense For The Future – Like women, men also like to think ahead when it comes to the one they would date or possibly spend the rest of their life with. Back in the days the tradition was guy and girl get married, guy works and the girl stays home cooking, cleaning and looking after the kids. Now times have changed with some men preferring a woman with a goal and future aspirations. Some relationships these days usually have the roles reversed with the man acting as the stay home Dad. Are men getting tired of wearing the pants in the relationship?

Appearance – Yep appearance is obviously up there but men do not prefer the overly make up professional type of lady. It is rare to see most woman actually leaving the house with their normal natural look. The use of make up has extremely risen with some women looking like two different people (snapchat filters don’t help either). From the latest answers men prefer a woman who has confidence in her natural look and can flaunt it without the help of make up. However we do still find those model like women ¬†who has plenty of plastic surgery sexy and irresistible but when it comes to dating and marriage, they prefer real women.

Wealth – This one was a surprising answer because the whole term “gold digger” hasn’t really been associated with men and rather the opposite sex but some guys these days would rather a woman who has a good abundance of dollar figures in her bank account. There seems to be more and more sugar mommas out there with young studs who leech of the older women. For the most part, men like to feel secure that their partner is also contributing in an equal relationship.

Intelligence – As well as sense for the future, men want a lady who has some form of qualification or someone who is doing well in the work environment. With most woman actually obtaining a certificate or a degree in the day in age, it is no surprise why some men tend to be picky. The thought of a woman showing intelligence also builds attraction towards men in many ways.

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