The Benefits Of Exercising

For some of us the word exercise makes us cringe and will have us coming up with every excuse in the book in order for us to get out of it. But besides  for the fact that exercise can help you shed weight and have you looking better, there are plenty more reasons why exercise can benefit us in different ways.

Lets have a look at the top reasons why we should get off of the couch and into at least 3-4 days of exercise ranging form 30 minutes to 1 hour per sessions.


Studies from all different universities shows that exercising on a regular basis can reduce your risk of a heart attack by 50%. It is no wonder why they urge the population to participate in some form of physical activity. By exercising regularly, the fat stored in your arteries from consuming a high fat diet, will gradually decrease and there will be better flow flow through your arteries resulting in a decrease in your blood pressure and better breathing. Your immune system will also becomes stronger as well as your risk of diabetes dramatically decreasing.


Obviously, exercise can improve your appearance which can improve confidence, but there’s more to it than that. Exercise can also help you feel more accomplished and social (if you work out at a gym).  If you don’t have access to a gym, regular brisk walking and jogging can also help increase endorphins. Most men these days are open to yoga classes which also help the body relax as well as the mind. However, if you want to look good as well as feel on top of the world, then physical exercise is the golden ticket.


Yes you heard it right lads. Exercising can actually help you satisfy that special someone between the sheets. Studies have indeed shown that regular exercise can increase arousal and decrease men’s risk for erectile dysfunction, likely because exercise improves circulation (which is pretty important when it comes to sex). Regularly exercise also builds up testosterone in a mans body which is a very important when it comes to the libido.



You might think exercising after a long hard days work is a mission and that you will wake up fatigued the next day. Well believe it or not, exercising actually increases energy levels and makes you less fatigued. If you haven’t exercised in years or as many months, you might feel a little slightness of tiredness but after a few sessions into it, you will have more energy than ever. The best way to make full use of this is to exercise in the morning as this will wake up the body and your bones and muscles will be warm and ready for what the day brings at you. Morning exercise also sharpens the mind giving you the ability to think critically and improving your memory.


Exercising doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym, lift heavy weights, stand there comparing yourself to the guy with the massive biceps who could possibly throw you across the room with one push. There are plenty of ways you can go out there and find some form of activity for yourself. Most men sign up to casual team sports during the week playing sports like, soccer, indoor volleyball, mixed netball and squash. If you particularly don’t enjoy team sports and prefer to be a little more independent, then you can always plug your headphones in and go jogging, walking, cycling, hiking or even heading down to the pools and swimming laps. There are many ways in which you can achieve regular exercise and the more constant you are, the more fun it will become, it won’t been seen as a task and you will want to exercise more often.

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