Why Women Love Men In Suits

Have you ever noticed that cute looking girl give you the stare every time you walk past her in the office hallway? or one of the bridesmaid maybe giving you a little cheeky wink at your best mates Wedding? I’m sure we have all noticed at one point or another that when we are looking our sharpest and well groomed, like women, we can also turn heads in the room.

Studies have suggested that women prefer guys in suits over those in jeans causal clothing. That is no surprise there.. but have you wondered why wearing a suit really make you appealing and more irresistible to the opposite sex?  Check out the reasons below:

  1. They Project Success

When wearing a suit, people associate you with being successful, so if a guy is wearing a suit he must of done something right. I’m sure most women would like be a part of a man’s success.

2. They Have Style

Wearing a suit isn’t as easy as you think. One must be able to dress for the occasion and the suit has to be fitted nice to make it look the part. If you can find a suit that fits and wear the right accessories to go with it, then you have nailed it.

3. It Shows Status

Not everyone likes to wear suits. For those who love to wear suits, it may mean you are financially secured and love to flaunt what you got. To women it is seem as a monetary status showing confidence, security and elegance.

4. They Compliment Your Body Frame

Not all of us a born with a fitness looking physique but it doesn’t mean you cannot look good in a suit. When Deciding what suit to wear, make sure you cater it to your frame. The fitting will automatically make you more attractive and your best assets like your broad shoulders will be on show for the ladies.

Either way, wearing a suit can increase the chances of you getting a date as oppose to you walking up to a girl with shorts and a singlet. It all comes down to how well you present your suit.

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