Samsung Galaxy S8 – Quick Review

It is surprising to see how far technology has come when it comes to the quality of smart phones that has been produced throughout the years.  

From brick like phones you had to carry in a back pack to the slick,tech savvy smart phones, the urge to buy a new phone when it is released has always been seen as a win for all of us. With the release of Samsung’s new latest edition, it is safe to say that technology has dramatically grown and the age of the nerds are soon to follow.

With many reviews already out regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 , I won’t go into too much detail about the highly sophisticated product, I will point out what I particularly like about the phone.

Firstly the thing that caught my eye was the sharp 5.8-quad-HD Infinity Display with a 2960 x 1440 resolution. The first time I turned it on, I knew it was the phone of all phones and Samsung had done an incredible job on bringing crystal clear resolution and maximizing it’s use of the screen by literally making it the whole face of the phone. I have watched plenty of movies on my phone already and I must admit, the resolution and the picture size always amazes me. If you are someone like me who does a lot of reading and watching random videos on the phone, I believe this will be the phone for you.

The ability of the S8 to unlock the phone through face recognition is also slick. I know there has been many reviews why some people don’t like this feature and was mentioned that it would be roughly the same time as it is to unlock the phone with your personal code.. Well unless you have a big head and the camera can’t recognize your hideous face, I think this feature is incredibly cool and quick when I need to get into my phone asap. The face recognition however can only be used when there is sufficient lighting around and if you are wearing a hat or glasses it might not recognize it straight away. So there is a little bit of a down fall there. Besides that, the time it takes for the camera to recognize your natural face is fairly quick.

Another feature of the amazing S8 is the camera it comes with. The Rear camera: 12 megapixels, f/1.7 aperture and Dual Pixel sensor is absolutely stunning and you won’t be disappointed with the image quality if you are a fan off capturing photos and videos. The Front camera: 8 megapixels, f/1.7 and autofocus is also unreal and I have not seen my face look that good in a long time! The front camera’s imagery is a big plus because it takes into account your current surroundings and adjust the cameras focus and colors to give you the best picture. If you love social media posting and want to be looking the best among your peers, the S8 is the phone for you!


Last but not least the S8 is water and dust proof which relieves a heap of stress if you accidentally spill water over it. In the past when my smart phone came in contact with some form of water, they would turn weird and start acting up. When this happen, the old natural remedy of the bucket and rice comes into play. Even though the S8 is water proof it doesn’t necessarily mean you can jump straight into the ocean and hope for your phone to be working when you’re all drying up and about to sunbath. It can with stand to a depth of 1.2 meters. But hey thats good enough for me! Knowing I can take my phone out when there is a slight drizzle, thats awesome news.

In a short summary, these are the main features which I personally like about the phone. There are plenty more eye capturing features the S8 has but then we will be here forever reading and writing about it. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a revolutionary game changer and the future for all smart phones look bright if they want to keep up with Samsung’s standard. If you are looking to buy a sophisticated phone which is futuristic, versatile, offers amazing picture quality and can act like a mini computer, than the S8 is your ideal buy.

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