What Does The Term Success Mean To You?

The term Success is so powerful but can be used in all different types of meanings. 

To each person the term may differ and depending on their situation and the journey they are going through, success can be broken up into different categories.

For me the word Success bring a few things to mind. One thing I have done all my life was provide a service to people from all different backgrounds. Working in the fields of Sales/Business/Communications I have gained over 10 years of experience and have met many successful people along the way. For me, being able to share my experiences and offering amazing advice, I see this as a win.

La Familia is very important to me. The support of my family grows stronger each and every day. From a young age both my parents worked ridiculous shifts to provide for my younger brother and I, and that will be something I will not forget. If we are all doing well and happy, then I am happy.


Last but not least the desire to have freedom and to do what you love every single day. I have worked for massive companies before, starting from the bottom and making my way up the corporate ladder. During my time at these firms I realized one thing, I didn’t enjoy being behind desk for the rest of my life. The whole concept of having to work 9-5 Monday to Friday just wasn’t making me happy anymore so I left and decided to mentor people and teach them what I know and I have never looked back. Each and every day it has been something different and when you see the difference you are making in people’s lives, you truly know you have something great to offer.

In essence each and every one of us are looking for that golden ticket we call success and your own meaning of the term will play big role on the steps you take in your journey. A young single mom looking after her first born child hoping to be the best mother she can be, is her idea of success. A university student studying day & night to ace the last exam of his college journey will be their form of success. Whatever the situation, your interpretation and your burning desire to achieve the goal you set out will determine if you make it or not. The universe is very strange and I have seen it first hand when it comes to rewarding the hard workers as oppose to the lazy people who think it is all luck. To a certain degree some luck might be involved but majority of the successful people in the world did not get there by contemplating and wishing, they went out, learned what the needed to and worked there hearts out to get to the top and achieve the goal they set out to. This is just a telling sign that if you work hard enough, you will be rewarded.

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